St Pauls,

London. 18:00

Seated quietly behind the grand piano that lives in the lobby, she cannot escape sounds of the rush hour traffic piping through the gothic windows, nor does she try to. Undoubtedly, her party’s delay is owing to inexperienced taxi hailing during the city’s peak hour. She lets the familiar sound soothe her. Sipping a well poured French 75, she relaxes into a daydream, her gaze following the pedestrians that busy through the paths and passages of her most beloved town. Memories of long and lazy Sunday afternoons strolling through its parks, evenings dining in its restaurants, early mornings commuting through its depths. It was, is and forever shall be, her city.

Today's World and Mental Wellbeing

Today's lives are busier than ever. We are constantly switched on and connected. In many aspects, the benefits of this are plentiful, however it can lead to a neglected mind, a disconnection of self and a lowered mental state.

Mental wellbeing describes our mental state, how we are feeling and how well we can cope with day to day life.  Our mental wellbeing is dynamic and can change from moment to moment, day to day, month to month, year to year and from thought to thought.

People with healthy, or good mental wellbeing tend to feel relatively confident in themselves, have positive self esteem, are able to express a range of emotions and maintain good relationships with others. They tend to be  engaged with the world around them, living and working productively and coping with the stresses of daily life, adapting and managing in times of change and uncertainty.

When the mind is out of sync and out of balance, we can feel lonely, misunderstood, stressed, chaotic, withdrawn, emotional, behave in a way that is emotionally volatile, make rash decisions and feel a sense of sadness or mental fog.

Elyse INC. London

Elyse INC. offers a range of tailored nutritional ingredients to support brain health, the mind and mental well being. 

Our focus is to support and restore positive mental wellness in times of need and help you step back, recharge and rediscover you. 

Pause. Inhale. Exhale and Rediscover You.

Elyse INC.'s Cognition for Cognitive Support


Embankment, London. 18:00

Swiping her keycard, she exits through the marble lobby and makes her way to the underground. Breathing in the city, she revels in the elation of surviving another week. At once she is courageous and confident.


Brixton, London. 19:00

She walks, knowing that she is the last of her party to arrive. Waltzing along the pavement, a classic trench coat protecting her from the chill, she holds an oversized umbrella, extended and in full bloom in her right hand and her laptop carefully clutched by her left. She remains unrushed and unaffected by the downpour, taking in the city that was, is now and will forever be her City.